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April 2015

Disagreement over IntraMTA Rule Continues

As reported in our last issue, IXCs and LECs continue to battle over whether IXCs should be paying switched access charges to LECs for terminating traffic that originated on the CMRS network.

The dispute stems from the IXCs recent interpretation of the nearly 20-year-old "intraMTA Rule" that makes calls exchanged between local exchange carriers and wireless carriers, that originated and terminated in the same MTA, subject to reciprocal compensation. IXCs argue that the 2011 Intercarrier Compensation Reform ruling negated their requirement to pay access charges on this traffic when it stated,  "...all traffic routed to or from a CMRS provider that, at the beginning of a call, originates and terminates within the same MTA, is subject to reciprocal compensation, without exception."

Recently filed reply comments to the November petition for declaratory ruling sided predominantly with the LECs, requesting that the FCC immediately order the IXCs ineligible to invoke the intraMTA rule to avoid paying access charges. Should the FCC not take that step, the commenters request that no retroactive relief, which could cause billions of dollars in refunds to be paid by the LEcs to the IXCs, be allowed.

Absent FCC action, the dispute will continue to work its way through the court system.


FCC Names New Local Number Portability Administrator

The FCC selected a new Local Number Portability Administrator in March when the bid from the selected vendor came in at one-third the cost of the incumbent vendor.

Telcordia, a division of Ericson, will take over administration of the system that allows subscribers to take their phone number with them when changing telecom service providers. Telcordia won the contract because of the "substantial savings to the American public" when they bid $143 miliion per year to adminster the system that last year was administered by Neustar at a cost to the government of about $460 million.

Critics have raised concerns about potential difficulties or down-time that the transition could create, and questioned Telcordia's ability to manage the project.  But the cost-savings combined with oversight procedures put into place caused the FCC to move foward.

Telcordia currently supports number portability in 19 countries.


New NPAs Assigned 

NPA 934 assigned as a general purpose overlay of the current 631 area code in Suffolk County, New York. Earliest new code activation date is July 16, 2016.

NPA 622 assigned as a non-geographic area code in Canada, and NPA 588 has been assigned as a non-geographic area code in the U.S.   Canadian 6YY-NXX codes and U.S.  5XX-NXX  codes are used for applications which are non-geographic in nature, are not assigned to rate centers and may or may not traverse the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).


Q2 2015 Contribution Factor 

The proposed Universal Service Fund contribution factor for the second quarter of 2015 is 17.4%, up from 16.8% the previous quarter.
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