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KFR Updates

January 2017

KFR Introduces RateAcuity™ Database of Electric Tariff Rates

KFR is pleased to announce the launch of RateAcuity™, a new tariff database covering rates for electric service nationwide.

"The electric industry is in a state reminiscent of telecommunications in the 1990s," explains Kim Russo, KFR's Co-President. "Deregulation and competition is leading to choice in energy service providers for many businesses and consumers.  Couple that with 'green' initiatives in energy generation, technology that allows energy usage analysis, and realization of savings based on time-of-day or demand usage, and the marketplace is ripe for data that can help translate kilowatt savings to actual dollar savings."

KFR has achieved more than 3-years of 100% accuracy in our local calling area databases for the telecom industry.  "Over the past 40 years, we've developed the ability to obtain and analyze high volumes of changing tariff rates daily, and output the information to our clients in a consistent format free from errors. Applying that experience to the energy sector is a logical next step for us," says KFR Co-President, Stephanie Fetchen.

Customers for the RateAcuity database to date are software companies that analyze electric usage and/or savings, utility companies looking to set new rates, rate analysts, consultants, research organizations, and membership associations.

RateAcuity™ offers on-line reports of tariff rates, or API access to the data for inclusion in clients' software. For more information or a free 14-day trial of RateAcuity, contact Jared Davis (jdavis@rateacuity.com or 843.779.7612) or visit www.rateacuity.com.

Numbering Plan Updates

California: As reported previously, the boundary will be eliminated between NPAs 213 and 323 in the Los Angeles, CA area, creating an overlay NPA complex.  Permissive 10-digit dialing begins 1/14/2017 with mandatory 10-digit dialing starting 7/8/2017.  The boundary will officially be eliminated on 8/1/2017.

New Mexico: Effective March 8, 2017, nine rate centers in New Mexico will be consolidated under the ALBUQUERUE rate center.  The rate centers being consolidated are: 
New York: Mandatory 10-digit dialing begins 2/11/2017 in New York's 315 area code in preparation for the implementation of overlay NPA 680.  NXX codes in the new 680 NPA become effective beginning 3/11/2017.

In addition, relief is underway for NPA 518.  Permissive 10-digit dialing begins in that area on 3/18/2017, with mandatory 10-digit dialing starting 8/19/2017.  NXX codes in the new NPA, 838, will become effective beginning 9/19/2017.

Pennsylvania: Overlay area codes were approved in late 2016 as the relief method for two exhausting NPAs in Pennsylvania.  The existing 215/267 area code complex will be supplemented with the new 445 NPA.  The existing 717 NPA will be overlaid with the new 223 NPA.  Implementation dates have not yet been announced.

Texas: NPA 726 has been assigned to overlay existing NPA 210 in the San Antonio area. Permissive ten-digit dialing began September 24, 2016.  Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins March 25, 2017.  The earliest activation of NXX codes in the 726 NPA is August 18, 2017.

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