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KFR Updates

July 2017

Court Throws out FCC's Cap on Inmate Phone Rates

The DC Circuit Court ruled in June that the FCC overstepped its bounds when it set a rate cap on interstate and intrastate calls made by inmates from payphones.  The FCC order, first covered in the January 2016 issue of KFR Updates, capped interstate and intrastate rates at $0.11 per minute. 
In its ruling, the court cited that the FCC's attempt to impose a rate cap was "beyond the statutory authority of the commission".  Further the landscape at the FCC changed when the balance of power among the five commissioners shifted to the right with the appointment of a republican chairman by President Trump.  With the new composition of the commission, the FCC told the court that the majority of the Commissioners no longer believe that the order was within the purview of the FCC. 
The court challenge was brought forth by eight states seeking to recover costs.

Numbering Plan Updates

California: The California PUC has approved the removal of the boundary between the 619 and 858 NPAs in southern California, creating an overlay complex in the area.  Since the 619 area code was nearing exhaustion, but the 858 was not, removing the boundary between the two and allowing them to cover the same geographic area enables NXX codes in the 858 NPA to be assigned for relief of NPA 619.   858 NXX codes can be assigned to the area currently served by NPA 619 beginning June 19, 2018. With an overlay area code, ten-digit dialing will become mandatory.  Permissive dialing begins November 11, 2017, with mandatory ten-digit dialing starting May 19, 2018. 

California: The California PUC has approved an all-services overlay as the relief method for NPA 805 in northern California.  The new area code, 820, will be open for new NXX code assignments beginning June 30, 2018.  Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins June 2, 2018 with permissive ten-digit dialing starting December 1, 2017,

Florida: The following six rate center consolidations in NPA 850 took place in Florida on July 11, 2017. 

  • LEE will be consolidated under CHERRYLAKE
  • BAKER will be consolidated under CRESTVIEW
  • VALPARAISO will be consolidated under DESTIN
  • ALFORD, GRANDRIDGE & MALONE will be consolidated under GREENWOOD

New Jersey: The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has approved an all-services overlay as the relief method for NPA 609.  The new area code, 640, will be open for NXX code assignment beginning September 17, 2018.  Mandatory ten-digit-dialing for all calls begins August 18, 2018 with permissive ten-digit-dialing starting January 20, 2018.

Toll Free Service: Previously assigned toll free area code 833 was opened for use on June 23, 2017.

Important Dates: Seven dialing plan changes and New NPA activations will take place in the 3rd quarter, as follows:

  • California – NPAs 323/213 - Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins 7/8/2017, the boundary between these NPAs will be removed and NXXs in NPA 323 can be assigned in the area formerly covered by NPA 213 on 8/1/2017
  • California - NPAs 916/279 - Permissive ten-digit dialing begins 8/12/2017
  • Idaho - NPAs 208/986 – Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins 8/5/2017. NPA 986 will be activated on 9/5/2017
  • New York - NPAs 518/838 - Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins 8/19/2017, NPA 838 will be activated on 9/19/2017
  • Pennsylvania - NPAs 717/223 - Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins 8/2/2017, NPA 223 will be activated on 9/26/2017
  • Texas – NPAs 210/726 - Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins 9/23/2017
  • Washington – NPA360/564 - Mandatory ten-digit dialing begins 7/29/2017, NPA 564 will be activated on 8/28/2017



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