KFR's Localizer provides almost irrefutable proof that our billed jurisdictions are accurate which greatly improves the analysis tools available to everyone in our company.

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Get accurate traffic analysis and billing the first time, every time by using KFR’s databases.

KFR Services has precise and up-to-date telecom data, enabling you to stay in compliance with regulations and accurately rate and route calls, all without the time and cost of combing through tariffs on the front end – or dealing with errors on the back end. Our data enables you to determine which calls are local, which are intraLATA and which are long distance. That leads to:
  • elimination of costly billing disputes
  • reduced customer complaints
  • decreased churn
  • regulatory compliance
If you need Jurisdictional Data Use...
Local calling areas Localizer, Enhanced Localizer
Interstate vs. intrastate determination LATAs NPA-NXX Trac
Wireless jurisdiction MTA IQ
Factor determination: PLU, PIU, USF contribution amount Traffic Studies or AccuFactor

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If you need Dialing Plan Data Use...
Rate Centers
V&H Coordinates
Rate Center NPA-NXX Trac
Wire Centers
Wireless Indicator
Wire Center NPA-NXX Trac
Latitude & Longitude
Time Zones
NPA-NXX Trac Plus
Number of digits to dial Dialing patterns database

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If you need Rate Information Use...
Rating for calls from a specific site Text-Pac
Tariff rates for intraLATA, interLATA, interstate & international termination points Master Pricing Files
Subscriber line charges SLC Index
EUCL rates EUCL Database

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