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Call Rating Data For Telemanagement

Identify jurisdiction/rates on local, domestic and international calls.

Our data enables rating functions in telemanagement, call accounting and billing applications:

  • Identify local, intraLATA, domestic and international rates from the originating locations you select to worldwide terminating locations.
  • Produce data sets in various levels of detail to include anything from local information only, to full International City detail.
  • Choose rate and service plans from any combination of major ILECs, CLECs or IXCs when building your Multi-Pac or Text-Pac.
  • For high volume to small volume users, KFR offers licensed installations to your LAN, off-the-shelf extractions and quick online downloads with no set-up fees.
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Read our product descriptions below to help you pin-point which data you need. Download our brochure to learn how our data is sourced.


  • Single point of origin rate database designed to give medium to small volume users custom choice and flexibility.
  • Provides rates from a selected originating location to any local, intraLATA, interLATA, or international location.
  • Choose from a variety of carriers or use your own rates to design calling plans tailored to your markets.
  • Updates delivered daily, monthly or quarterly.


  • Includes all of the intraLATA, interLATA and international rates for a specific calling plan of your choice offered by a selected service provider.
  • Allows you to determine accurate day, evening and night/weekend rates.


  • Allows high volume users to create custom telecom rate databases at their location with this licensed software installation.
  • Identify local, interLATA, intraLATA and international call types from a single point of origin to anywhere in the world.
  • Calculate distance between originating and terminating points to matched rate table bands.
  • Choose from numerous telco plans or incorporate your own rates.
  • Updates delivered daily.


  • A flexible database that gives customers the critical data to reduce billing errors, improve customer retention and produce reliable reporting documents.
  • Accurately identify local or long distance traffic from a cell tower, MSC, PBX or switch by identifying the jurisdiction from any designated originating NPA-NXX to terminating worldwide NPA-NXXs.
  • Optimize traffic analysis by separating calls on their terminating NPA-NXXs into local, interstate, intrastate and international buckets.
  • Importing your own rates or programming targeted analytics is simple with the comma delimited file format.


  • Includes nearly 100,000 dialing codes worldwide.
  • Use this data set to find the terminating city for an international call and determine whether the international dialing code is reserved for wireless services, so you’ll know when surcharges apply.


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