KFR's Localizer is really accurate. It's the best data for the best price in the market.

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Local Calling Area Data

Increase revenue & retain customers using our local calling area tools.

Choose from KFR’s wide selection of local calling database products to simplify your billing systems, reduce costs, increase revenues and retain customers.

Several formats and service plans are available, including off-the-shelf extractions, quick on-line downloads, licensed installations to your LAN or customized packages designed to your unique specifications.

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Why should you use our local calling area data? Download our local calling brochure now for answers.


  • Helps resolve billing disputes by providing independent, factual analysis of traffic jurisdiction.
  • Can analyze both wireline and wireless originated calls and deliver the percent local usage (PLU) and percent interstate usage (PIU) factors.


  • Designed for companies with a significant presence in the local calling market.
  • Enables data sharing on local calling areas, subscriber monthly line charges and local usage charges across the enterprise.


  • Contains simple record layout of originating and terminating NPA-NXX pairs identifying local calls.
  • Enhanced version includes LEC defined basic versus expanded local calling, mileage bands, zones and other options.
  • Available by state or as a nationwide package.
  • Monthly or quarterly updates easily import into standard database management software packages.


  • Uses MS SQL tables to show the rate center-to-rate center local calling area relationship as defined by the LECs.
  • Available by state or nationwide with monthly updates.
  • Our Local SQL Database is the choice of clients looking to store local calling area data in a flexible and normalized format.


  • The first database to provide true wireless jurisdiction information by associating each NPA-NXX with FCC defined Major Trading Areas (MTA) and Basic Trading Areas (BTA).
  • Identify the correct percentage of local traffic that another carrier is passing you by easily comparing the originating NPA-NXX MTA number and the terminating NPA-NXX MTA number.
  • Versatile flat file format assures smooth and convenient imports into a variety of industry applications and database management tools.


  • Determine the jurisdictional mix of the traffic on your network.
  • We’ll tell you the amount of local versus long distance traffic for use in bill audits and determining Universal Service Fund contributions.


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