Adding KFR's Localizer to our processing resulted in approximately 70% fewer errors on our long distance billing. Our error rate dropped from three percent to less than one percent.

Kerry Pollard
Manager of Usage Billing, Birch Telecom


Telecom Product List

Jurisdictional Data

  • AccuFactor

  • Local Enterprise

  • Localizer

  • Enhanced Localizer

  • MTA IQ

  • Traffic Studies

LEC Rates

  • Features Database

  • SLC Index

Dialing Plan Data, NPA NXX, Zip Codes, and More

  • International City Codes

  • NPA-NXX Trac

  • NPA-NXX Trac Plus

  • Mex NIR

  • Zip-Link

  • Zip-Tel Plus

Rate Information

  • Text-Pac

  • Master Pricing File

  • EUCL Index

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