Still loving this data. Billing over $300,000 per month, with no negative customer impact, that had formerly been dropped on the floor.

Nationwide Service Provider



Accurate Data is our Passion

KFR is a 35-year veteran of the telecom industry. Our Data Team performs all research, analysis and maintenance on our databases.  Team members also have an average tenure of nine years with the company.  

That experience and expertise earns KFR the reputation as the most accurate telecom database provider in the industry. In fact, the nation's largest service providers use our databases to rate billions of calls each month.

How We Determine our Accuracy
We measure our accuracy by tracking customer reported errors on a monthly basis, and we publish those results online. With our accuracy statistics made public each month, there will be no surprises. You'll always know exactly how we're performing.

Current Local Calling Accuracy Stats as of May 2018
One Month: 100%
12 Months: 100%
24 Months: 99.995%
36 Months: 99.996%



How did we become such accuracy fanatics?

Our Quality Stories Part I and II chronicle how KFR's drive for error-free data created today's culture of accuracy. If you're looking for insight into what makes us tick, you'll find it here. 

Tele-Tech Quality Story: Part I

Tele-Tech Quality Story: Part II

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