NPA NXX Database, Local Calling Area Database, and LEC Rates for Precise Billing

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KFR Services provides accurate telecom jurisdictionnumbering plan and call rating data solutions. Clients use our local calling area databaseNPA-NXX database and LEC rates database to avoid the pitfalls of billing and reporting mistakes...because there's no such thing as just one mistake when you're processing call detail records (CDRs) against inaccurate referential data. A single jurisdictional or rate error multiplies quickly when it's applied to thousands – or even millions – of CDRs.


Our products include:

Jurisdictional Data

  • Identify local calls using our Local Calling Area database.
  • Determine wireless jurisdiction using MTAs.
  • Resolve billing disputes with independent traffic reports.

Dialing Plan Data

  • Match zip codes to the right area code and exchange.
  • Route calls correctly with accurate dialing pattern information.
  • Determine all assigned rate centers and NPA NXXs using our NPA-NXX Database or find an NPA NXX using our NPA NXX lookup tool.

LEC Rates Information

  • Determine rates from a selected originating location to any local, intraLATA, interLATA or international number.
  • Bill accurately with a subscriber line charge database comprised of each state's three largest LEC rates.
  • Create your own custom telecom rate database.

Learn how KFR's quality sets us apart from our competition, and why we set the industry standard for accuracy! 

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In the first month we billed an additional $140,000 that previously would have been left on the table.... and we've only done 2 states so far!

Jon Jones,
President Data-Tech Services

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